MTAC - TV Calendar of Events

Board Meetings
Mondays at 9:00 AM
Miyamoto Music Studio
28780 Old Town front St. #C1
Temecula, CA 92590

General Meetings
Mondays at 9:00 AM
Miyamoto Music Studio
28780 Old Town front St. #C1
Temecula, CA 92590


Musicales, Festivals and Recitals
Saturdays or Sundays

between 1 - 5
Temecula Public Library
30600 Pauba Road
Temecula, CA 92592

MTAC- TV Event List


08/15/14  Deadline to apply for the MTAC Fall Scholarship


08/17/14  Teacher Recital - 3:00 PM The Merc


08/18/14  Board Meeting #1


08/22/14  Registration deadline for the 09/13/14 Student Musicale


09/08/14  General Meeting #1

                  CM Meeting and Handbooks.  

NOTE:  CM MEETING IS MANDATORY IN ORDER FOR YOUR STUDENTS TO PARTICIPATE IN CM 2015.  Exceptions may be made by contacting the Branch CM Chair:  Susan Miyamoto.


09/13/14  Student Musicale

                  Connie Venti, Chair


09/26/14  Registration deadline for the 10/18/14 Student Musicale


10/01/14  Certificate of Merit Registration Opens


10/06/14  Board Meeting #2


10/10/14  Deadline to request CM Scholarships 

                  Kara Wuchner, Chair


10/15/14  Notification to recipients of CM Scholarships


10/18/14  Halloween Student Musicale

                  Jennifer Cox, Chair


10/24/14 Registration deadline for the 11/15/14 Sonata Festival


10/31/14  Certificate of Merit Registration Ends


11/01/14  Certificate of Merit Checks and Work Contracts Postmark



11/15/14  Sonatina / Sonata Festival

                  Tahnia Lund, Chair


11/21/14  Registration deadline for the 12/13/14 Student Musicale


12/13/14  Holiday Musicale

                  Tahnia Lund, Registration Chair

                   Connie Venti, Chair on Event Date


12/15/14  Deadline to apply for the MTAC Spring Scholarship


12/19/14 Deadline to submit repertoire for January Teachers'





01/02/15  First Day to Enter Student Info Online for CM


01/16/15  Registration deadline for the 02/07/15 Bach Festival


01/26/15  General Meeting #2

                  Round Table on Teaching Methods 

                  Moderated by Jean Clower



02/01/15  Final Day to Enter Student Evaluation Info Online


02/07/15  Bach Festival

                  Susan Miyamoto, Chairs


02/23/15  Board Meeting #3


03/07/15  Certificate of Merit

                  Keyboard, String & Voice - Susan Miyamoto, Chair

                  Wind - Kate Prestia-Schaub, Chair


03/14/15  Participation Confirmation for Selected Students in CM 

                  Branch Honors Recital to notify Susan Miyamoto.


03/21/15  CM Branch Honors Recital

                  Susan Miyamoto, Chair


04/12/15  Benefit Scholarship Concert

                  Susan Miyamoto, Chair

                  Home of Francis and Laura Lucille 

                  3:00 PM, DeLuz, CA


04/20/15  Board Meeting #4


04/24/15 Registration deadline for the 05/16/15 Student Musicale


05/15/15  Deadline to apply for the Summer Scholarship


05/16/15  Popular and Classical Student Musicales

                  Tahnia Lund, Chair


05/18/15  General Meeting #3

                  “Some of our Favorite Things”  An interactive sharing of our favorite teaching repertoire.


05/22/15  Deadline to submit repertoire for Teachers' Recital


06/15/15  Board Meeting #5 (Planning Meeting)


06/26/15 Registration deadline for the 07/18/15 Student Musicale


07/18/15  Student Musicales and Senior Showcase

                  Kara Wuchner, Chair


07/31/15  Deadline to renew MTAC Membership

Teachers, please note that

all registration deadlines

must be observed.

Thank you!